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Top 5 Ways to Wear a Bralette this Summer

Top 5 Ways to Wear a Bralette this Summer


Bralettes are a great statement piece to any summer outfit. A bralette can be worn many different ways with many different outfits. Typically, a bralette is a piece of lingerie that is delicate and made of lace. I love adding a bralette to my summer outfits to give them just that extra touch of chic and for a little extra coverage. On the plus side when you wear a bralette you can leave your uncomfortable strapless bra at home. 

 Top 5 Ways to Wear a Bralette this Summer:

1. Off the shoulder tops and dresses: I like to wear off the shoulder tops and dresses with a delicate lace bralette. It adds a little extra touch of sexy and it is super easy to put together. 

2. Loose tanks or low back tops: This is one of my favorite ways to wear a bralette. It allows you to show off the back of the bralette. I like to throw on a low back top and wear a lace bralette that is criss-cross in the back. It is a super comfortable, but yet very feminine summer outfit. 

3. Oversized Tee: This is probably the most comfortable and most common way of wearing a bralette. It is a wonderful way to give your tee just the extra little bit of frill instead of looking frumpy and thrown together. This is a great outfit for running errands. 

4. A sheer blouse/top: This is another popular way of wearing a bralette. The sheer top is very chic and in-style and by adding a bralette you are giving it a little extra spice. Besides, who wants to wear a cami underneath and have it constantly rolling up and just being down right uncomfortable. 

5.  V-neck blouses: This is probably the way I wear my bralettes the most.  This is the perfect way to be tasteful and professional when you need a little extra coverage and the bralette is just that. It is an easy way to get extra coverage and it is super comfortable. 


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