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What to Wear for a "SIZZLING" Summer Date Night

What to Wear for a "SIZZLING" Summer Date Night

What to Wear for a "SIZZLING" Summer Date Night  

Let's turn up the heat just a little or is it already to HOT for ya?! NO such thing! Right?! Whether it's a new flame or old you want to keep them coming back for more. Summer date nights can be anything from a romantic dinner, picnics at the lake, sunset walks on the beach, drive in movies under the stars (*maybe I'm not showing my age*), or even a summer fair. Keep it casual or spice it up, but most importantly keep it fun, flirty, and definitely interesting.

*1. The Edgy Romper or Jumpsuit: - This is my all-time favorite Summer date night outfit. These are so in right now and they can easily be casual or spiced up depending on the type of date your man takes you on, of course. Keep it casual by wearing sandals or dress it up with your sexiest pair of heels. I love throwing on a light denim jacket, the cutest fedora I can find, and a sexy pair of wedges or chunky heels. Wearing it with a jacket and fedora makes it slightly more casual. This outfit is perfect for those late evening walks on the beach. Be sure to take those super flirty, and cute sunset beach photos. 

*2 The always "trustworthy" dress: This is another date night must have. I like to keep it sexy with a short little number or a high-low maxi with a saucy back. This too can be made casual or dressy by adding just the right pair of shoes and accessories for the occasion. For me though, I always have on a pair of heels. I personally think heels keep you postured correctly, boost confidence, and help your legs look amazing. Plus, I am short so in wearing heels my legs appear longer. BUT.... for those ladies that can not wear heels put on a cute strappy pair of sandals and BE CONFIDENT in your OWN style. 

*3. The Skinnies: I love a great pair of white or ripped skinnies. Pair this with an off the shoulder, long tail blouse, a silk lace cami, or the perfect ruffled top.  Make this outfit become a spicy or fun-flirty statement piece with the right accessories and the perfect pair of stilettos or wedges. This outfit will surely leave a lasting impression. 

*4. The sexy high-waisted shorts: C'mon ladies show off those LEGS!  I enjoy wearing high-waist shorts with a trendy crop top and a great pair of wedges. If you aren't comfortable in a crop top though, wear a sexy off the shoulder blouse. Show a little skin, BUT remember to leave him wanting more. Leave something for the imagination! Keep your cleavage covered and make your legs the focal point.  Always choose one asset that you want to REALLY make him notice. Don't always bear it all. Of course, you ladies already know by now I say, "ROCK those stilettos and really make those legs look long and SEXY"....,BUT those strappy sandals make it cute and casual. I mean if you can't walk in heels I would advise you to wear the strappy sandals. You don't want to leave a lasting impression because you took a nasty fall. RIGHT?
*5. The flirty skirt: There are so many different skirts out there! The short, the midi, floor length, ruffled, and denim. Remember my tip, "pick your asset". If I am wearing a midi-ruffled skirt for instance I will wear a low cut top to show off some cleavage, BUT if I'm wearing a shorter skirt I am going to keep my cleavage covered and "ROCK" the bottom half. If I wear a frilly skirt I also wear a more fitted style top to show off my figure. Always remember to have fun with your style and 


*My biggest tip for you is to be confident in what you wear! Don't wear something that you aren't comfortable in causing you to not feel confident in your beauty. 
~*~ The most ALLURING thing a woman can have is CONFIDENCE.~*~Beyonce 


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